Do Multiple Exposures change the way we view photography and the world around us? Valerie J. Cochran has been trying to answer that question with the Multiple Exposures Project since August of 2015.

It features photos from her travels in addition to local street scenes using a variety of cameras such as a Canon AE-1 35mm SLR, 120mm toy Holga camera, Polaroid SX-70 and an iPhone 5s for photos as well as videos. Techniques such as in camera double exposures, photo collages, contact sheet scans and diptychs are combined in various ways to encourage the viewer to look at the world around them with new eyes. She is also studying insomnia which she has experienced since the age of five through self-portraits in an Insomnia Study within the larger project.

Visit the full gallery at Instagram to follow along with the project. Fine art prints for many of the images from the project are available. Please contact Ms. Cochran here for print pricing inquiries.