In April of 2007, Valerie J. Cochran spent a weekend in Chicago for a North American Photobloggers meet-up. With several fellow photographers, she took a CTA train out to the abandoned Brach’s Candy Factory for an urban exploration photowalk adventure. The factory was a maze of sugar coated floors, remnants of employees past with stickers on their old lockers, crumbling walls with graffiti hieroglyphics and the sound of metal scrappers pulling out everything valuable that could be sold before it was all destroyed. Shortly after her visit, the factory office was demolished for the movie The Dark Knight and the rest of the buildings were taken down a few years later.

Some of these images appeared on your waitress in 2007 but were lost when the website was moved to a new platform. They returned to yw in January of 2017 alongside new images. Diptych versions of a few of the images were also shared on Instagram as part of the Multiple Exposures Project. All of the images were shot with a Canon AE-1 35mm SLR with a 50mm f/1.4 lens and Kodak BW400CN film. Valerie would like to thank all of her companions that day for an amazing adventure. Contact for print inquiries.