Self-portrait. Chicago, 2007 


Valerie J. Cochran is a published street and documentary photographer. Born and raised in Missouri, she has lived in five states and nine cities across the United States. In 2004, her film-only photoblog your waitress was created while living in Berkeley, CA. A self-published photo book was released in 2007. The photographs today explore the relationship between people and places in the urban landscape. Film photography is created from various 35mm, disposable, and toy cameras. Post-processing is minimal as she strives to get it right in the camera. Currently, Ms. Cochran resides in Austin, TX with a rescued cat named Yoda

“A few times I have almost been hit by cars, usually taxis. That may be my doom one day – stepping off a curb while trying to focus a shot and being run over by a taxi.” — from the PetaPixel interview, 2009.




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