give me your tired (nosce te ipsum xi) »

today is my 43rd birthday.

this past year started well with me finally
finishing my associate degree, visiting lovely
new york city again, and the kansas city royals winning
the world series for the first time since 1985!

this past month has been a bit of a disaster with a personal
injury, shock at world events, and a bit of uncertainty.

today i am tired.

yes, life is full of uncertainty and yes, i am certain that i 
will find my way, as i always have.

i hope my fellow americans have a wonderful thanksgiving
with or at least in touch with those you love.

today i am thankful.

thank you all as always for following along.
i see you. i appreciate you.

pour mes amis en france, vous êtes dans mes pensées.

with all my love and gratitude,

ps—catch up on all my nyc multis here.