shadow goddess (eleven years baby!) »

today is the 11 year anniversary of yw!
it all started from some walks around
berkeley, california over a decade ago.

people have asked what my favorite image
i’ve taken is, and it changes, but this is one of them.
the color version can be seen here.
it was taken in berkeley in 2005.

i love the goddess.
she is pensive, hopeful, afraid.
she is me.
she isn’t me.

as i plan to walk in my college graduation
tomorrow (hello associate of arts finally!)
i will be thinking about the goddess.
where she has been,
where she is going,
and who has been there along the way.

thank you times infinity to everyone
who has been there with her.
never sure where this journey is going
but it is still going.
eleven years later.

seriously yw is my proudest moment,
and yes, eleven years is just a moment,
so thank you thank you thank you.

with much love and gratitude,